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Thank you so much for this article! I’ve passed it along to some friends in the healthcare field and one who is fighting cancer now (possibly spike vaccine induced).


November 11, 2022 EPOCH CINEMA | Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-Up | Documentary

Description from EpochTV:

“Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-Up” is the story of a pioneering biochemist who discovered a unique and proprietary method of successfully treating most cancers. This documentary takes the audience on a near 50-year journey both Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his patients have been enduring in order to obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of antineoplastons. Defying skepticism, legal attacks from state and federal agencies, and a powerful propaganda campaign to stop Burzynski, this doctor and his patients are still going strong.

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I was doing 3/4th of this. Very high level C infusions at 50-75,000 mg x2 per week. 36 mg of ivermectin, and some baking soda water. I did not have the dog dewormer. We will do as outlined here. It drove my wife's CA 27-29 from 472 to 42 with 38 being normal. She did not do C from Thanksgiving thru New Years and her number went back up to 55. After 2 C infusions it went back down to 48. We will get the doses correct. I think the ivermectin was under dosed, the baking soda water was too intermitent and we did not know the dosage, the dog dewormer is on its way. I will report back.

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Interesting protocol that combines the 4. Unfortunately big pharma will never let it go mainstream, but a lot of people are now staging their own wars against cancer outside of mainstream medicine’s toxic remedies.

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I used to work in pharma. In the 90s we got approved for a drug for dukes c colon cancer. It’s called ergamizol or levamisole. Guess what? It was a dewormer. Funny how the fda didn’t come out and say don’t use it because you’re not a horse

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I shared it with my friend. Now I see your stack made it onto Citizen Free Press

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76 years old, weight 150 lb.

I ran Dr. Haider's procedure with my own variations. Specifically, my three Ivermectin doses were 12, 36, and 72 mg. Additionally, I ingested sodium bicarbonate solution on alternate days beginning with day 12. Finally, I took 220 mg of fenbendazole on days 12, 13, 14 and 18, 19, 20.

The result was a drop in my PSA from 15.04 to 13.1 in one month.

I will now repeat the procedure with three Ivermectin doses of 72 mg each. I will report my results in one month. Stay tuned

June 15.

I ran Dr Haider's protocol a second time.This time I took 72 mg of ivermectin three times. From day 12 I took sodium bicarbonate on alternate days. I took 220 mg of fenbendazole on Days 12 13 14 and days 18 19 20.

The result was that my PSA fell to 9.6.da To recap, my PSA was 10 last september. It rose to 15.1 in March of this year. It fell to 13.1 after running a modification of this procedure. Now it"s 9.6!

I will now run this procedure on even numbered months, specifically August October December and thereafter until my PSA falls to zero.

I have no intention of sharing this information with any oncologist, because I suspect that where I to do so, he would simply tell me that I never had cancer.

Dr. Haider. Bless you & thanx.


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Thanks so much Dr! Our family has used your telemedicine services, we appreciate all you do & I was excited to see this article. Do you think this would also be a good protocol for prevention?? And what about skin cancers?

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There is a lot of information and discussions related to Fenbendazole and Cancer in the following two Facebook groups:

"Fenbendazole - Cancer Support Group": https://www.facebook.com/groups/476254899648556/

"Jane McLelland Off Label Drugs for Cancer": https://www.facebook.com/groups/off.label.drugsforcancer/

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Thank you Dr Syed Haider. I’m sharing sharing. This is great info! Be blessed.

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Dr Haider - we are so grateful to you for disseminating this information! Here are the early results of my husbands treatment.

Last November, my husbands PSA was 8. He was referred to a urologist but due to some mismanagement did not get to see him until March. His PSA had risen rapidly by then and was 11. We were told by the surgeon that this was almost certainly cancer but this would need to be confirmed by biopsy - which would take 6 weeks to book (argh Canadian health care!). The surgeon told us PSA's never really goes down.

I immediately began researching and came across your article. He started the protocol and followed it exactly. He had another PSA on day 18 of the treatment and at that point his PSA had dropped to 7.9 - almost a 30% decrease in 18 days!!!

We are going to repeat the protocol to see how low his PSA is going to go and then will make some decisions about biopsy. Will keep you informed of the results.

Thank you sincerely for the great work you are doing!

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Great post. Thanks so much. Makes a lot of sense. Will be sharing, with attribution of course. The part of the cancer cells being like criminals (psychopaths) was very apt. But the idea that those renegade cells are active and adaptive rather than just passive, was very new to me. The idea of teleology in biology was verboten; or is usually verboten. But of course that makes no sense. Rupert Sheldrake, the plant biologist and inventor of the theory of "morphic resonance" and "morphogenetic fields", pulls apart the myth of "no intentionality in Nature", in his book "A New Science of Life." At the time it was published some critic, I think from Nature magazine,? claimed it should be burned. Later on in his life his lecture to TEDx promoting his book "The Science Delusion" was banned from TEDx, though it's had quite a life on the Internets. Thank you for your important work - Marguerite

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I heard that ivermectin works through inducing autophagy, like fasting. Wonder if resveratrol/pterostilbene has the same effect.

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I've been intrigued by the claimed anti-cancer properties of fenbendazole ever since I first heard the claim. It caught my eye because I've used it a few times on the farm as a livestock de-wormer. It's got a reputation as extraordinarily safe and can be used on a lot of different livestock.

But here's my question -- the label doesn't even require any wait time between fendbendazole and slaughter for meat production. This is very unusual--most drugs used in agriculture have very specific wait times before an animal can be killed legally for meat. With fenbendazole, I understood the reasoning to be that the drug doesn't leave the digestive tract, and thus does not leave any residues.

I can't see how the claimed benefits can work if it really is so poorly absorbed. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Triple negative breast cancer. Did 3 rounds of this protocol, DMSO, Black seed oil and hyperbaric chamber. Accupuncture once a week. I'm cancer free. Thank you 🙏

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Very informative article Doc! Thank You!

About a year ago I read an article concerning a new cancer treatment, with 15 cancer patients (w/ different types) that all 15 had 100 % remission!

I've heard nothing since, was this story true? And, if true, was this your protocol?

I've just subscribed (free version, unfortunately, I'm financially imbarrased at the moment, Sorry!)

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A quart in the morning and a quart in the evening?

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