Thank you for your generous sharing of your work!!

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It time to round up the actors, prosecute them, and hang them on a live feed to all media platforms so this behavior stops and is never attempted again! This virus and the associated novel vaccines are bioweapons! Thank you Doc for all the good and helpful info!

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Amazing article! Can you recommend the best sources for nattokinase and typical dosages?

Also, I was unable to download from the two buttons labeled:

* Complete Protocol

* Phoenix Lifestyle Protocol

Can you provide these document links?

Thank you, Dr. Haider for your service to humanity. (I'm currently watching your "APR 1, 2023 Bitcoin + The FIAT Cartel" video on CHDTV at https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/good-morning-chd/bitcoin--the-fiat-cartel/. Very interesting, and I'm someone whose eyes typically glaze over when faced with economics and monetary policy info.

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Dr. Haider, this is so informative. Thank you!

I think your calling ( if you could ever find time), is to do a video series from the beginning- catching COV, or getting vaccinated, all the way through what you've just covered here. Including the differences of the virus vs. vaccine, testing, treatment for the different categories, with diagrams like Dr. Been does and with Q&A. I think you'd have many subscribers to that. There's too much fragmented information out there and simplifying it would be most helpful. We're not doctors and it gets confusing. This was so well done, but I'm looking for specifics like if you're unvaccinated, had COV, took IVM on day one, no long haul symptoms, what to do now?

There are so many variables for each person.

Anyway, thank you so much for this information.

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Thank you for all of this good but distressing information.

Is it possible that nattokinase is that much better than serrapeptase? Or, are they virtually the same in their action?

Have you done any research yet on Methylene Blue? If so, can someone who is spike protein injured in the lungs, come to your company as a patient and be treated with it.

Dr Deepak Golwalkar, a pulmonologist in India, treats his patients with fibrotic lung disease with methylene blue. In a page here - https://dr-deepak-golwalkar.medium.com/treatment-for-covid-19-using-methylene-blue-d23fc5a31a4d - he talks about treating a man who had been given a few months to live. Four years later the man's lungs were functioning normally.

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Wow Powerful drop of well-researched and organized info 🙏🙏🙏 thank you Dr. Haider

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Love your writing; especially when you’re on about money.

Other ideas: Urotherapy

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Dr Haider-- how do we repair the dysbiosis/ microbiome?

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The "powers that be" which are responsible for these CRIMES AGAIN'ST HUMANITY must be held accountable for their crimes ..NOW !!!!!!!!!!

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Dr Haider....excellent writing and discussion. Amazing finding the prion within the spike.... incredible!

I’m fighting a multiheaded hydra now approaching my 79th birthday. After surviving

Leukie the dragon for the past 22 years, now things are evolving, new heads appearing as time moves on. Ashkinazi genes arising in the hydra. An alphabet soup of scary monsters.

Appreciate your work and helpful ways. Betsy

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Interesting article. Just had a vaxxed neighbor diagnosed with AML and is now in the hospital. My immediate jump is that it is vax related.

Mercola just republished an article that says “Quercetin also inhibits binding of specific spike proteins to your ACE2 receptors, thereby blocking the virus’ ability to infect your cells. It’s also been shown to directly neutralize viral proteins that are critical in the replication of SARS-coV-2.” Not sure that article is still up or not, although it will be in his paid Substack archive. He takes articles down after 48 hours since he is targeted as a misinformation spreader (and therefore more trustworthy in my opinion because he publishes what TPTB don’t want you to know.)

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This is a great reference article!!

BTW, the sentence beginning with "Polyphenols" contains "dampen" which, in a technical venue, means "to moisten." "Damp" is the proper word to mean "lessen extremes."

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Your writing is informative, compassionate, humorous, and contains effective analysis and treatments for this medical procedure that was forced upon the world. It is an evil that is unthinkable! But you are helping us deal with the after effects in the most helpful ways. Keep it coming!!

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