Dr. Haider, when will you be running another cohort through? I’d like to join them.

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Dr Haider … your ebook was very helpful

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Thanks Dr Haider,

I love reading about your story and how you got to here.

You were my first and only electronic medicine experience, when I ordered ivm from you in May of 2021.

I'd never been to "doctors" and stood alone among all my family and friends - with the exception of two of my four sons - in not being satisfied with the safety of the new injections, and so wanted something to have on hand to allay my fears of whatever the hell was supposedly out there. But not only was I dissatisfied with the nonexistent data, I was horrified at the damage I was witnessing in friends who remained ecstatic with their new biologics. Death, strokes, neuropathies and a ton of clots.

Yours was the first site I saw and you could prescribe to Alaska!

Since then, I've followed your interviews, your substack and read all your emails and have been proud to call you my "doctor".

Even though I still have never been TO a "doctor"! (just acupuncturists and chiropractors)

Just wanted to thank you for all you do and how you do it, it is a pleasure to hear you speak and read your pieces.

Perhaps one day I will meet you for a real, physical, paid appointment.

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