Excellent post, doc. Exercise, time restricted eating, Vit D, relaxation, etc., along with a growing hatred of those trying to injure and kill us means I’ve been doing as you’ve been doing over the past year or so.

I’m in the Midwest and am very happy Spring’s here so I can spend as much time outside as possible. Walking is such a wonderful thing.

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Hey, Dr. Haider...could we see some before and after photos?

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Brilliant post, Doc, congratulations!

I would add these myself:

- orthomolecular iodine consumption (Lugol solution with 50mg iodine per day)

- Omega-3, in the form of fish oil

- Q10+MCT oil

- Vitamin D 4000 IU (!!!!) - super important

- Vitamins: A (4000 IU), B complex, C (2000mg), K1 (900 mcg), K2 (100 mcg, MK7), E complex

- Mg (!!!!), selenium, taurine, choline

- for eye health, Astaxanthin, bilberry extract

- Buteyko breathing (can be used all the time when walking and all the time afterwards)

- use of the f.lux program when using a computer at night (it tints the image, filters blue light, also writes an article on filtering blue light)

- while walking, jogging, running

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Thanks for sharing your story. Here is mine. Six years ago, age 60, I was traveling coast-to-coast weekly on business. The workload and travel were burning me out, so I decided to take a break. Over the next 12 months I discovered the ketogenic diet and focused on recovering my physical strength with running, biking, swimming and weightlifting. The diet and exercise program woked very well together. My weight dropped 20 pounds from 195 to 175 pounds. I found that I can intermittent fast for 16 hours without much trouble. I believe that a ketogenic diet can up-regulate fat metabolism which leads to many health benefits. Today I'm mostly ketogenic and take moderate exercise several times a week. I still eat bread but sparingly and enjoy the best quality I can find since it's more of a luxury than a stable. Regardless of what I eat on any given day, my weight stays at 175 pounds +-3 pounds. I believe this it is from acquiring metabolic flexibility, the ability to burn fats or carbohydrates equally well.

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W/them putting the vaxx in animals it will be a challenge and expensive to find those sources free of the mRNA. Grrrr.

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The meat thing is horrific. I guess Jordan Peterson and daughter would disagree. Huber man guy is interesting and lots of valid opinions and studies. Caloric density is a good way to do it. Lose weight I mean. I guess caring about animals isn’t important if ya wanna cut carbs. Whatever. Not sustainable in any way. I agree with what Dr John Mcdougall and Dr Neil Barnard and Dr Esselstyn say among others. And especially Dr Doug Lisle but hey you do you.

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