'We're All Plastic People Now': A Groundbreaking Documentary

Learn about the invisible pollutants in daily-use items that could be impacting your health in surprising ways.




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I would like to know if Dr. Syed Haider carries the probiotic so I can order from him.

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Cave sediment sequesters anthropogenic microparticles (including microplastics and modified cellulose) in subsurface environments


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Your comments re: Berkey Filters.

You do know they use Alumina in their Fluoride Filters; the white ones. Right?

I didn't know this until years into using Berkey & their Fluoride filters. Several times I called them and asked them about this. Recorded them. What a mess they were in their twisted explanations. 4 different people. I explained this in depth on Dr Yoho's SS many months ago.

Not saying others should do this, but I chucked my Berkey over the left field fence after those conversations. Thank you, but no thank you. And, GDL or Good Damn Luck (said to Berkey, not you). I then bought a Clearly Filtered unit. And/But, I have no idea if this is any better than any other filter out there, including Berkey. They all lie so damn much it's impossible to keep up with them.

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Correct , Aluminum Oxide is media that is used in the Berkey water filter PF line of filters that remove fluoride from the water.


And Yes to NOT using aluminum in filters….

The aluminum is used to remove fluoride which is also bad.

Fluoride is toxic because it increases aluminium uptake in the gut

Dr chris exley says .=>

It really should not be a mystery that research points towards a negative relationship between fluoridation of potable water and neurodevelopment in infants. I am sure that you are equally not surprised that increasing access of aluminium to human brain tissue results in a higher incidence of Alzheimer's disease.


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Thanks. Great article & great comments below his article.

Every adult should read this and make up their own minds. I will pass it on.

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Why don't you call them and find out if they do the same thing?

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Well I know they don't do the same as Berkey does with their fluoride filters (using Alumina - that's off the chart ridiculous on their part) .

I was speaking in general about ALL water filters out there. I have major doubts they do what they claim.

But, I do have an Aquasana whole house filter and the drinking water filter mentioned above. Does it/they filter out what they say it does? Prob not.

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Why not have your filtered water tested to see what’s really being filtered out or in?

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You are probably right. We had an Aquasana as well but these days you have no idea who (or if) you can believe!!

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Since no more keurig...I can definitely eat now. Been on soft and clear diet for 3 yrs. On and off. Even had tonsillectomy bc no one knows what was going on. I am a nurse and believe this c 19 bit was a planned thing on us all. Now to CONSTANTLY find long fibers when I cough daily is very unsettling. I bet WE ALL just cough is what and why we are coughing. I still don't know how to tell my ENT...don't want anyone looking at my cray cray lol.

Pray others find this out to their issues and get help. Plastic is EVERY WHERE. utensils. Cup lids. Straws. Food packaging. It is terrible. Thank you for well wishes

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Dr.Hüseyin Sancar Bozkurt


3-Bioprobif is taking a giant step for a healthy future with the probiotic PROBIF based edible 100% vegetable and non-plastic food packaging and probiotic based organic biodegradable bioplastic products it has developed!



Microplastics that enter the body with food pass through the intestine into the blood, where they are transported through the lymphatic system to the liver and gallbladder.

Microplastics, due to their small size and hydrophobicity (not being hydrophobic), can cross the placenta and blood-brain barrier, reaching the gastrointestinal (digestive) system and lungs, two potential areas of harm that can occur in the human body.

Probif is defined as a microplastic destroyer product.

Probiotic is a product that simultaneously focuses on the beneficial effect of bifidobacteria on human immunity and microplastic biodegradation.





Highest Dose of Bifidobacterium in a Single Box

100 Billion Bifidobacterium Infantis in One Box!


Support your digestion and immunity with Probif.

Probif is a type of fortified Bifidobacteria that destroys microplastics in the intestine and 3 elements (E3) with 2 products in one place (Prebiotic-Booster Probiotic Bifidobacterium-Postbiotic) helps regulate your digestive system and support your immune system.

Probif has the effect of destroying microplastics accumulated in the intestine, preventing both the accumulation in the body and the accumulation in nature through feces. (First in the world) Using algae cell wall for the first time in the world as a postbiotic.

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"Reverse osmosis filters are used by many and they don’t work for this"

This is an incorrect statement.

I'm not sure why Dr. Haidar made it.

RO systems usually have several stages of filtration before the RO stage. The paper and carbon block pre-filters eliminate particles down to 0.1um in size. The RO membrane eliminates particles down to 0.0001um in size, which is over 100 times smaller than the smallest known microplastics. These RO systems usually have a post-filter as well.

RO systems, constructed with 'food grade' polyethylene plastic components, bear the NSF certification. While the NSF conducts rigorous tests to certify plastic components, it's important to note that microplastics tests and limits are not currently part of their certification criteria. Therefore, when considering plastic safety for water filtration systems, particularly in the context of microplastics, we cannot solely rely on the NSF. It's worth considering the potential introduction of microplastics, but we must also question how much could realistically come from a few feet of 1/4" tubing between the post filter and the stainless steel spout.

A German Study looked into the microplastics provided by municipal water systems by sampling water at the house connection of German homes.

This study showed that

"No microplastics were detected. It can be concluded that the extraction of groundwater, treatment in drinking water treatment plants, and transport in a regional and municipal supply network do not lead to an entry of microplastics ≥10 μm."


Another German study that used a different methodology found, on average, three microplastic particles (>20um) per thousand gallons of water. So, if one drank 1,000 gallons of water, three microplastic particles (>20um) would be ingested. This indicates that the pipes and components of a city water system are not a significant source of microplastics. With this perspective, contemplate the short length of plastic pipe that connects the RO post-filter to the spout.

Microplastics in the environment are not from hard, durable plastics, like plastics approved for plumbing systems. Microplastics come from disposable/consumable plastics, which undergo a lot of mechanical friction (like automobile tires or synthetic fabric clothing in a washing machine) or are exposed to high UV or high temperatures (like plastic bottles in a landfill or dumped into the ocean).

Until we have a quality study showing the plastic in a reverse osmosis water filter system contributes a significant quantity of microplastics to the water they filter, I'd say Dr. Haider's warning about RO filters is not in keeping with his otherwise high-quality articles.

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Love my Berkey!!

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How do these plastic particles affect or impair human metabolism?

Of course I don't want a lot of plastic garbage in my body, but what is the likely effect, biochemically? Mechanisms, and all that stuff.

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I have been suffering for 3 years...barely can ear due to throat constantly swollen due to coughing. I have found HUNDREDS of fiber thread hairs. Diff colors. Can't even see with the naked eye. Have to use magnification to see them. And they are long. Thick course micro plastics. Especially from when used keurig tea coffee k cups. INSANE how they are allowing us to consume this with out our knowledge and can cause stroke. Heartache as well. Scary stuff. Plastics

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Sounds bad. I feel like I dodged a bullet by never using k cups, but that must be only one source among many.

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I am so sorry to hear that Allison. I hope you get well quickly. We are all being slowly poisoned. Our food is full of plastic yet we are told not use plastic... to save the earth. Let's save the people first. God Bless you.

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Thank you! Absolutely 💯 believe we are all being poisoned!

I've had to diagnosis myself every step of the way. Thank goodness I'm almost a nurse p

ractitioner lol. Can't trust many anymore

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And that's probably the saddest part that you can't trust people anymore who you think should know because they're all paid off.

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I'm also a nurse but left in 2019. I wish you the very best!!!!

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure there are many more like yourself.

Sorry to hear of your suffering.

Hope and pray you are able to find some relief.

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If it's been in the last three years and you got vaccinated, I'm not a doctor, but I would attribute it more to that than anything else.

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