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Regarding the "first do no harm" admonition derived from Hippocrates, I note public health educators have made an effort to remind us lay people that the Hippocratic oath and alternative oaths commonly used don't actually include that caution. This Harvard Health Blog piece from June 2020 is the first result in a DuckDuckGo search: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/first-do-no-harm-201510138421 (An aside: Interesting that almost all search engines are "curated" now, which was originally the drawback of using Yahoo over google).

Medical schools have worked hard to elevate public health over duty to the individual patient. The Harvard Health Blog advises us that, strictly speaking it's impossible to "to first do no harm." It's that kind of attitude developed over many years in medical schools that has laid the groundwork for government and the medical establishment to ignore evidence of harm from mRNA injections.

The hopeful note is that, notwithstanding the enormous pressure on doctors to conform, there are physicians who hold sacred their duty to patient, keep an open mind, and honor the scientific method--even if it doesn't benefit a pharmaceutical company.

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In the teachings I follow, I am told that I am " fearfully and wonderfully made" also, believe and you shall recieve";

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith."

Teachings such as these infuse my mind, heart, spirit and thoughts with encouraging empowerment that I am responsible for and equipped with the ability to effect outcomes regarding the health of my body. Also in the teaching I follow, I believe that discernment is a gift from the Spirit that I can ask for. I also believe to sincerely trust my Intuition. I put my beliefs into practice whenever I encounter a health issue or am in need of a doctor for medical advice. I actively try to avoid doctors that are not healers. My point is this. You are 100% correct Dr. Haider that we should look to and understand the role our minds play in our own healing process. Doctors have a responsibility for INTEGRITY in treating a person. They must possess LOYALTY toward the individual as if they were treating themselves or their own precious child! It would bode well for patients to understand that their beliefs/minds play a vital role in their healing and just as important, that doctors actually believe in the treatments they prescribed. There is unfortunately a big disconnect between doctors and healers. Many doctors just want $$$$ and prestige thus lack integrity and loyalty to the patient. Many patients just blindly trust whatever list of meds their doctor gives them without realizing the power of their mind in healing. Look at the Covid debacle. Millions placing blind trust in "science" & "expert doctors" prescribing fear-porn and untested bioweapons. Very few using the power of their own brains/ minds to critically think!!! When hydroxychloriquine was recommended by the U.S. Commander in Chief, a prestigious medical journal published a FAKE paper against it! Why on earth didn't MSM shout from the rooftops that the paper was fake? That hydroxychloriquine could help heal? We have cold hearted criminals in charge of our health today. FACT! All alphabet agencies & MSM have been captured by big pharma as well as 95% of academia and 75% ( or more) of Congress.

It is doctors who are humans of integrity with "BIG BALLS" ( quoting Dr Paul Elias Alexander) like you, McCollough, Paul Marik, Sucharit Bhakti, Ana Mihalcea, Astrid Stuckelberger, etc..who are saying "HELL NO!!" to the criminal medical cartels and actually helping people. I found you through the FLCCC when I first had covid and you treated me by your oath, with dignity and respect & prescribed ivermectin when noone in Michigan near me would!!! I pray daily that more and more doctors and patients wake up, join together & crumble these forces of corruption that plague us. Thank you for your contribution Dr. Haider!! Peace ! Michelle

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Dr. Haider..Here is a substack piece I just read that I think you will really enjoy. The comments section is filled with many points of view on doctor/ patient relations from BOTH perspectives as well as points of view on allopathic medicine in general. Great read!

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