What about the ethics of donating blood that others will use? If I understood correctly?

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Feb 15, 2023·edited Feb 15, 2023

Dean Mouscher here again - Thank you again for this great article. In Chinese Medicine, “blood stasis” - failure of the blood to circulate freely or some resistance or blockage - is a huge source of pathology. The primary functions of acupuncture are twofold - to unblock the free flow of qi, and to unblock the free flow of blood, i.e., to remove blood stasis. Qi is unblocked with the insertion of needles in certain points, but blood stasis can only be removed by releasing blood from certain points, i.e. bloodletting. Covid is without question a disease of blood stasis. Hence, it stands to reason that bloodletting is a valuable therapeutic approach, which dovetails beautifully with Dr. Haider's explanation above. This is by no means as obscure as Western observers may think - in addition to bloodletting (mostly wet-cupping) being done in Chinese medicine, the Islamic version of wet-cupping - Hijama - is widely practiced across the Islamic world. Tens of millions of plastic disposable cupping cups are sold every year, mostly to practitioners of Hijama (an Alibaba search for “disposable cupping cups” shows what a large and competitive market this is) https://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?fsb=y&IndexArea=product_en&CatId=&tab=all&SearchText=disposable+cupping+cups

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interesting. Is it assumed that the spike protein never leaves the body on it's own? Does the spike keep replicating forever? If one is injured by the spike protein via either the shots or the illness or both is it possible that if and when the protein degrades that the person will go back to health, or is the damage more or less irreversible?

Asking for my husband who has Interstitial lung disease . It appears that both the shots in 2021 and then covid in april 2022 accelerated his disease to the point that he is now on oxygen 24/7, coughs up white sticky stuff, and now has pulmonary hypertension.

Another person I know has neuro damage from the shots. now can't hardly walk a straight line. can't concentrate etc...

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