KUDOS to Dr. Haider for a well written and researched article .

I hope readers pay attention because the benefits of this vitamin are far reaching .

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This article is amazing! I use 100% vitamin C (ascorbic acid ) powder and mix in water since I'm not good at swallowing pills. It's tart but manageable! I haven't done 30 to 40 g at once yet but will certainly try it if one of my kids comes down with the flu and I feel it coming on.

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I found over 15 years ago that vitamin c was a daily must for me. I have been taking 1000mg a day and rarely get sick. If I feel something coming on, I up the dosage to 4,000 or 5,000 mg a few times a day, which usually takes care of it in a day or two. I will add that in 22 I got covid pneumonia and spent 19 days in the hospital. I refused remdesivir and ventilator. Since then, I still have some lung damage at the bottom and it seems that sinus issues have gotten worse. I will try upping the dose even more next time something tries to come on me.

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Studied this topic for many many years with Dr. Steve Hickey as my main mentor.

Of course Hickey followed in the footsteps of many vitamin C giants such as Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Frederick Klenner, Dr. Robert Carhcart etc.

Hickey (UK) has made ALL the major discoveries such as dynamic model, two free anions/electrons that have options, biological half life (extremely short just 30 minutes) etc etc.

Dr. Hickey's MANY books (often written with Dr. Hillary Robert's as co author) are simply put - fantastic !

Here is a link (to my cloud ( of vitamin C miracles ) including a lecture from Dr. Riodan (running the famous Riodan Cancer clinic in the USA where IV vitamin C is used.


Of course it's hard to call anything a PANACEA, but if there ever was one - I say a big YES - it is vitamin C .

Big hint - use only Ascorbic Acid and no other forms.

If you want to keep your miraculous immune system alive and active , the daily combo of "Vitamin C and Vitamin D3" are indeed fantastic for optimum health .

Note the doses are a LOT bigger than you might expect , so doing some research is important .

Personally, I take four divided doses daily of vitamin C that total 8 to 12 grams . Again this is prophylaxis or for daily optimum health.

(Note - daily dose is weight , age , chronic conditions and lifestyle dependant ) AND IF SICK TAKE A LOT MORE. (about hourly doses ) and also IF sick , besides regular ORAL C - add liposomal C which travels a different pathway to blood and thus elevates blood serum levels to near IV levels.

When I had CoVid I took about 25 to 30 grams for two days , Again in about hourly doses of 2 or 3 grams. .

Here is another link to an interview with Dr. Hickey who I call without any reservation, the TOP vitamin C scientist in the world .

Best in health to ALL.


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Thank you Dr. Haider, you are a kind and a bright light. My daughter, a type-1 diabetic, would experience blood sugar drops from taking Vit. C. Certainly an appealing idea for management, now that we have learned the insulin is so adulterated. ( I am not an MD and am not giving advice, just sharing my experience.)

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Great article- thanks! I was very sick with mononucleosis at age 17- after feeling exhausted for a year I began to read up on nutrition and natural health remedies. Linus Paulings info about vit c as well as his previous accomplishments encouraged me to try supplementing as well as eat healthier! I believe 1-2 grams of vit c crystals taken daily mixed with water brought me back from the abyss and has kept me feel well since. I’m 59 now, active, still blessed with good health and never found without a bottle of C crystals in my purse! I’ve since added B complex, as well as many recommendations you’ve offered since covid.

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Super good info! Why not liposomal C?

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Thank you Dr Haider. I will keep this article for reference.

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Interesting insights. I never would have thought to try high dose ORAL Vitamin C. I've done IV C, but assumed most of the benefits of oral would be lost due to improper absorption.

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thank you

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I always thought this was bunk, but I remember a patient in hospice was using this for her cancer. I guess she wasn’t using a high enough dose . This was 20 years ago.

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I take airborne close to daily since I heard a pharmacist friend recommend it. I feel like I don’t get sick that often at all. Was never diagnosed with Covid although I am vaccinated as well. I swear by it but no one listens to me either.

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Thank you, for the confirmation and the extensive areas covered. I’ve been mega-dosing C since reading the research work of Linus Pauling a number of years ago (40 or so). Not always at the 10,000mg recommended in his work but 2000mg to 5000mg twice a day. So not too far astray and have only a few times that for whatever just lapsed but never more than a couple of weeks. Moreover, I've exceeded the 10,000mg always when I felt a cold coming on or had been exposed to someone who was down with a nasty bug. For the entirety of Covid 19, I took only one jab and a follow-up booster but had reservations from the beginning as it seemed too much like, for lack of a better word… Bullshit. Never wore a mask, just my C with Zinc and D. Never got as much as a runny nose. The thing that's most pronounced when I'm around my age group. Their skin is flat… Or maybe my skin is a good deal more elastic. And they do appear noticeably older. Not that Im a spring chicken but when other try to guess my age they're off by 10-20 yrs or just perhaps being gracious. The fact of the matter is that can't remember the last time because just do not seem to get sick. Besides the C I take a couple of multivitamins, Glucosamine Chondroitin, Tumeric, Acidophilus and an Asprin.

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pleased to restack your post and

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I have gout in one finger joint (even though I'm only 40+) which seems to be triggered by high carotene foods like pumpkin or carrot soup, so I avoid those, which helps a lot.

More recently I developed joint pains in hand, foot and one knee (not diagnosed; for my finger doctors only said they cannot do anything, so now I don't bother going!).

The last 2 months now I discovered vitamin C (before that I basically thought we all get enough through diet, ha!). Vitamin C _very_ reliably helps with all my joint pains, within a day. I only take 250-500mg per day so far, buffered with baking soda. My skin also feels much more silky, nice!

I'll experiment with higher dose, especially since I just caught a bad cold.

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Well, this is timely. Was just discussing with my son how there must be something wrong with our genes. We can take 20gms of C and absolutely nothing happens. I've taken methylene blue as it's said to be an equivalent antioxidant but I have no way to gauge if it is working as I add vit c to it to keep my mouth from turning blue.

I shall try the 40gms at once and see if that works... I use the powdered Drs Best as it is made in Scotland. Some years ago there were zero companies in the US making ascorbic acid - not sure if that still holds true but most of supplement ingredients are sourced from abroad like our meds.

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